The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you

Author: Rob Fitzpatrick
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by bombcar   2022-11-11
I've heard "The Mom Test" is a good book around that, but I've never read it.

by enonevets   2022-09-17
The Mom Test would be a great book for validating ideas:
by aaronax   2021-05-14
Maybe this?

You shouldn't ask your mom about the viability of an idea because she will be biased towards thinking good things about you (and your ideas). Similarly (sort of...), Hacker News will be biased towards wanting your product and not say anything bad about it.

by zJayv   2021-04-04
Rob Fitzpatrick, The Mom Test
by mindcrime   2021-03-08

by jh88   2021-01-17
Have you read The Mom Test? Also, Rob Fitzpatrick did a youtube series focused on remote interviewing
by SquareWheel   2020-11-06
Clean link (affiliate information stripped).

by mindcrime   2020-07-27

by csallen   2019-09-13
I've spent a ton of time as a developer trying to make money from various side projects and businesses. So most of my top "wish I'd discovered this earlier" list revolves around tech+business stuff:

* Strategy #1: Charge more. patio11 has been shouting this from the rooftops for years, but it didn't sink in until after I started Indie Hackers[0]. If you charge something like $300/customer instead of $5/customer, you can get to profitability with something like 50 phone calls rather than years of slogging. It's still hard, but it's way faster.

* Strategy #2: Brian Balfour's four fits model[1]. It's not enough to think about the product. You also need to think about the market, distribution channels, and pricing, and how each of these four things fit together. I imagine them as four wheels on a car. It's better to have 4 mediocre wheels than 3 great ones and a flat.

* Book: The Mom Test.[2] Amazing book about how to talk to customers to research your ideas without being misled, which is a step I've stumbled on before.

* Tool: Notion. I just discovered it recently. I use it for all my docs and planning.


by mindcrime   2019-05-26
Try this:



and this:

by MrsPeaches   2017-08-19
Highly recommend the Mom Test which is exactly about this.