The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you

Author: Rob Fitzpatrick
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by zJayv   2021-04-04
Rob Fitzpatrick, The Mom Test
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by jh88   2021-01-17
Have you read The Mom Test? Also, Rob Fitzpatrick did a youtube series focused on remote interviewing
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Clean link (affiliate information stripped).

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by csallen   2019-09-13
I've spent a ton of time as a developer trying to make money from various side projects and businesses. So most of my top "wish I'd discovered this earlier" list revolves around tech+business stuff:

* Strategy #1: Charge more. patio11 has been shouting this from the rooftops for years, but it didn't sink in until after I started Indie Hackers[0]. If you charge something like $300/customer instead of $5/customer, you can get to profitability with something like 50 phone calls rather than years of slogging. It's still hard, but it's way faster.

* Strategy #2: Brian Balfour's four fits model[1]. It's not enough to think about the product. You also need to think about the market, distribution channels, and pricing, and how each of these four things fit together. I imagine them as four wheels on a car. It's better to have 4 mediocre wheels than 3 great ones and a flat.

* Book: The Mom Test.[2] Amazing book about how to talk to customers to research your ideas without being misled, which is a step I've stumbled on before.

* Tool: Notion. I just discovered it recently. I use it for all my docs and planning.


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Try this:



and this:

by MrsPeaches   2017-08-19
Highly recommend the Mom Test which is exactly about this.