Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History

Category: Humanities
Author: Dan Flores


by jmartrican   2018-12-26
In the book Coyote America [1] the author goes into detail about these Red Wolves. One of the problems with raising pristine Red Wolves in the wild is their penchant for mating with Coyotes. The author went on to lament the Red Wolf breeding program for culling these Red Wolf - Coyote hybrids. The author's point on the matter is that it is natural for similar species to exchange genes in order to make new species that are better suited. If what is naturally surviving in the wild are these hybrids, well then maybe we should just let the hybrids alone and accept that the Red Wolf lineage cannot survive as is in America today. Furthermore, the author even questions whether or not the Red Wolf is even its own unique species, since it could be the case that the Red Wolf is also a hybrid.

What we can tell is that there is a lot of mixing going on in the American canines. There probably always has been and to artificially try to stop it and preserve the snapshot of species that we saw when we got here is fool-hearted and against how nature works.