This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life (Volume 1)

Author: Annie Grace
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by prudecru   2019-07-21

I mean you're not entirely wrong. Catholics love their booze. Booze is a problem. A potential problem, but a big potential one.

It's an objectively addictive substance. It has a dopamine pathway like anything else addictive. The question is how far down the path do you end up going? And what behaviors do you exhibit along the way? Some people will never have an issue with it. But the very nature of addictive substances is that whether you go down that path or not is not really a matter of the will. If you're lucky you're lucky. If you're can end up really unlucky.

If drinking poses a problem I'd recommend the sub r/stopdrinking or the (oddly-titled but well-written) book The Naked Mind.

If it doesn't pose a problem, then eat, drink, and be merry and all that.

by earned_potential   2019-07-21

I read a book called This Naked Mind that changed my perspective on alcohol. This book helps challenge your, and society's, view of alcohol. We definitely live in a drinking culture, and if you stop drinking, you are to some extent going counter to this culture. This book might be worth a read to put things in perspective.

by realadultactionman   2018-11-10

Don't beat yourself up. The fact that you say you want to be a non drinker means you're definitely in the right mindset. I think it's a known fact it can sometimes take a few attempts for folks to get going on their journey. Have you tried reading any books on the subject? I highly recommend This Naked Mind and The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober . Good luck.

by Pickupyerdogshit   2018-11-10

Pretty fucking chipper actually! I've been off the beer for a few weeks now and feel like I'm un-burying my head from the sand.

If you're thinking of cutting back or whatever, I highly recommend reading this book: This Naked Mind (amazon) Or here (Google play store)

Our society revolves around drinking (just look at the rest of this thread), and this book has really helped me take a step back and get a good overview of it all. Even if you don't drink, it's still an interesting read.

by tqrNcGFlNSgHC3Hf   2018-11-10

This Naked Mind on

Early on the physical symptoms are just killer. I had sleep disruptions for a long time too. It's really worth it in the long haul