JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Author: Jon Duckett
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by Bizkitgto   2017-08-19

Look up You Don't Know JS - Book 1.

Duckett's book JavaScript and JQuery is good too.

My advice is pick one or two solid resources (verify their usefulness) and stick with them, it's way to easy to bounce around from new course to new course and not actually finish anything.

by D_Rosenqvist   2017-08-19

Jon Duckett: Javascript & JQuery + The Odin Project

These two sources worked wonders for me.

by fjallajokullloki   2017-08-19

Definitely not a waste of time. If you want to start out with webdev, these two books by Jon Duckett are HIGHLY recommended 1 2 . codepen (better for css) or jsfiddle will be your good friends while learning.

If you are going for the regular programming route, I recommend The C Programming Language , but it may be a bit harder for a newbie to start on this book. But it's a great introduction to C and Unix.