The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel XXL (Multilingual Edition)

Author: Julia Voss


by ThePhysicist   2020-02-03
If you like botanical illustrations you’ll love the work of Ernst Häckel, a Professor of botany from Germany who was also a great artist (in my opinion) and who produced an incredible amount of astonishingly beautiful illustrations. I recently gave a book with a collection of them to my wife as a gift and we spent hours just marveling at the drawings as well as copying some of them. Here’s the (non-affiliate) link if you’re interested:

by radicalbyte   2018-10-08
I love fractals.

A few weeks ago we were at the UMC Nijmegen for a CT scan (father-in-law; liver-cancer; luckily slow-growing and treatable) they had an exhibition of illustrations from Haeckel of microscopic organisms. It struck me at the time just how much those structures reminded me of fractals as well as how beautiful they are.

You can see some pictures here: