Byrne: Six Books of Euclid

Category: Graphic Design
Author: Werner Oechslin
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by reggieband   2018-12-20
I have an edition of this published by Taschen [1] and spent some time going through it (about 3/4 of the way through).

My main frustration is there are many mistakes. In an effort to keep the text aligned with the original, those mistakes are in-line and the corrections are at the beginning of the book in a prefix. This makes following the proofs a bit difficult since once you get far enough along the mistakes compound. The later proofs are built on earlier proofs. There are some instances where Proof C has a mistake that relies on Proof B that has a mistake, etc. And then flipping back to the corrections and keeping track of all of them is a bit difficult.

It's not a problem if you are just enjoying the book for its aesthetics but since I was very carefully checking my understanding of the proofs it was annoying.

I still recommend the book.


by kqr2   2017-08-19
For a nicely illustrated and colored text of Euclid's Elements see: Byrne: Six Books of Euclid :