AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

Category: Hardware & DIY
Author: Matt Neuburg
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by mistersquid   2018-11-10
AppleScript is an incredible tool that has many warts, perhaps the largest being how idiosyncratic its implementations are from application to application (each app defines its own AppleScript dictionary which is, essentially, a framework library).

There are also many idiosyncrasies due to how scripts are run by the AppleScript component manager and state may or may not be maintained between execution depending on whether the script has been compiled on the local machine, is run inside AppleScript Editor, is run in a particular version of AppleScript Editor, which version of AppleScript is on the local machine, etc. etc. [0]

Apple's official documentation is helpful, but the real documentation for AppleScript developers (I feel AS is feature complete enough that its practitioners can be regarded as developers) is Matt Neuburg's AppleScript: The Definitive Guide (from which the earlier citation comes). [1]

If you've puzzled over how to get something working properly in AppleScript and have been amazed at how indispensable AppleScript can be to generate a custom workflow using macOS applications, the command line, and your favorite programming language behind the scenes (Perl, JavaScript, Objective-C, etc.), you really cannot do yourself a bigger favor than getting a hold of Neuburg's book.


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