The Art of Electronics

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by rrangel5   2019-11-17

That will help with electronic circuits. For basic passive networks, any book on linear electrical circuits would be ok.

by aedificatori   2019-11-17

It's not synth-specific, but definitely get yourself a copy of Horowitz and Hill's textbook "The Art of Electronics". I've yet to meet a synth-head or electrician lacking one. This'll tell you all about op-amps, fundamental building blocks of filters, oscillators, and other complex elements, and even power electronics if you're interested in power supply design. (No exaggeration, it starts and Ohm's law and ends with complex filters, PLLs, and how to program your new discrete-digital computer in assembly.) Again, not synth-specific, but the book explores how all of these things may be used in application. This'll help you develop intuition to break down complex synth diagrams and how exponential converters work, for example.