The Ethics of Liberty

Category: Social Sciences
Author: Murray N. Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe


by clarkmoody   2018-10-06
The libertarians are most in line with a classical liberal ideology.

It is a platform that acknowledges individual rights that exist independent of government, which finds its only legitimate role in ensuring those rights. Those rights are life, liberty, and property.

Any policy that prefers individual liberty and private property over government power and government-granted privileges would be more libertarian.

Libertarians support:

- Decriminalization of all "moral crimes" such as drug possession and use, prostitution, etc

- Freedom of trade and exchange, zero tariffs or import/export restrictions, elimination of price-gouging laws

- Elimination of taxation, government welfare programs, corporate welfare

- Immediate cessation of all foreign wars and assuming a defensive posture in foreign policy

- Elimination of most, if not all, regulations on consumer goods

- Sound money and the elimination of fractional reserve banking

For the most pure, detailed explanation of libertarianism, check out The Ethics of Liberty[1]