Military Nanotechnology: Potential Applications and Preventive Arms Control (Contemporary Security Studies)

Category: Military
Author: J├╝rgen Altmann


by Jach   2017-11-22
I think the proposed ban is: don't develop weapons with software that can make the killing decisions without humans in the loop. That itself isn't so impossible a ban to make something like the CWC out of, but nations couldn't even stop 3D gun printing, despite the same sort of worries.

Additionally, even with that ban, you could have the exact same video with the minor difference that each drone sends its video stream to a human somewhere else who presses a button to authorize each suggested-by-the-drone kill. And if we got that far, the pressure to get rid of the ban would be immense, because tool AIs are better as agent AIs.

And if we can't even handle regular old microsystems technology, how are we going to handle nanotech? (and briefly covered in this talk by the same author discusses it but in the 11 years since it was published I see no reason to think the world is any better prepared.