The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam

Author: Douglas Murray
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by mm242jr   2017-12-06

You're wrong. Millions of Muslims emigrated to Europe in just the last few years, most of them for economic reasons instead of war. They have brought Islam with them. Most gulf countries refused to accept refugees from Syria but offered to build more mosques in Europe. Islam is indeed destroying Western civilization, a process already well underway in Europe. Also, look up Hamtramck, Michigan and see if you'd have the right to free speech there. Read this book.

by Em2pag   2017-12-06

Oh yea, he's definitely not a racist.

~~He also wrote a book on the "danger" of Muslims taking over Europe .~~

by moondoggieGS   2017-12-06

>That's the position the race realists in this thread are taking.

I'm not responsible for what other people say, I can only point again to the sources I've linked.

>Yes, those group identities are nonsense as well.

You missed the point in this instance, tho you implicitly concede it little later on; it doesn't matter if it's nonsense or not (I still dispute that it is); the point is it works, and further whether or not a reactionary invigoration of group identity will have a better chance than atomized libertarians at beating the left back.

>The race realists are the exact mirrors of the SJWs.

Group differences in IQ distributions among races is scientifically verifiable and largely a product of heredity, SJWs are blank-slate absolutists, so no they are not exact mirrors in very important ways.

> Humans are tribal monsters. We have an innate bias toward treating people as members of imaginary groups. That's why people are able to believe in society, the state, etc. > The imagined groups were the glue that held tribal hunter-gatherers together. The SJWs, race realists, statists, etc. want to treat these imagined groupings as though they are part of the real world.

You can't say that for nearly all of human history people have been tribal and in the next instance hand-wave it away as "imaginary"; the reason for tribalism is almost undoubtedly an evolved trait, meaning it's biologically hardwired into us, that seems pretty objective to me. If everyone but you is tribal then you're going to have a bad time, as we've seen with Europe letting the migrants in.

>Everyone can see what's wrong with those

Actually no I don't

>This is exactly how statists operate, too. The question for them is: What should the state do? Rather than: Is the state's authority real?

I think you mean "valid" not "real", because the state's authority is very real. Ideally I'm still an Ancap or at least a libertarian as I've been one for almost 10 years now but the hard reality is if you don't ask "what should the state do" then someone else far worse than us will ask the question and their answer won't be a libertarian social order.

by Sallac   2017-12-06

Read a book

You seem to be wilfully ignoring the fact that Islam isn't a race. Stop being a coward and THINK. Break the BBC's conditioning lol

by JustReadingPT   2017-12-06

> In Le Souci Contemporain (1996), translated into English as Icarus Fallen, she suggested that the condition of modern European man was the condition that Icarus would have been in had he survived the fall. We Europeans had kept trying to reach the sun, flew too close and hurtled back down to earth. We may certainly have failed, and we may be dazed, but we somehow survived: we are still here. All around us we have the wreckage – metaphorical and real – of all our dreams, our religions, our political ideologies and a thousand other aspirations, all of which in their turn have proved false. And though we have no more illusions or ambitions left, yet we are still here. So what do we do?