M4 Sherman Medium Tank Crew Manual

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by [deleted]   2019-08-24

About half of what I’ve learned about WW2 I wasn’t looking for. I was researching something else, or reading a book about something, and had the same “oh shit” you did. I was reading something about how tank crew (I got this today, by the way =Link https://www.amazon.com/Sherman-Medium-Tank-Crew-Manual/dp/1935700812) was the first tier maintenance. It says this gave the US an advantage. Why? In the US, there was 1 car per 4.4 people in 1939. 1/130 in Italy 1/32 in UK 1/37.5 in Germany 1/33.5 in France

I thought about that.

Given how mechanically simple a Sherman was, made a ton of sense.

by [deleted]   2019-08-24

Got this today = Link https://www.amazon.com/Sherman-Medium-Tank-Crew-Manual/dp/1935700812

by [deleted]   2019-08-24

Got this today =Link https://www.amazon.com/Sherman-Medium-Tank-Crew-Manual/dp/1935700812