Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration

Author: Zach Weinersmith
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by mabbo   2020-08-02
Zach Weinersmith's ability to tell compelling non-fiction via comics is something I truly love. He manages to take what the person is saying, convert it into a comic form of them saying it, while adding humour. And throughout the process, what is being said does not seem to be degraded at all. There's also a level of openness we all seem to have to something that comes at us as a comic rather than hard text.

I don't even think we have a good word for what this practice is, but I'll go with "Art" because it takes a lot of that.

His book on Immigration[0] is a large-scale version of this skill in practice and I suspect a lot of HN readers might enjoy it, regardless of if you agree with his points or not.


by SAI_Peregrinus   2020-07-12
If you haven't seen it, you might like Open Borders by Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith[1]. Comic-book form advocating for open borders, with pretty good reasoning.


by DeterrenceWorks   2019-07-21

Pre-ordering Open Borders: The Ethics and Science of Immigration so it can beat Ben Shapiro and that fake historian Rutger Bergman on the best seller list is the only ethical consumption under capitalism.

by Bluedevil88   2019-07-21

>So why is there so many far left people in this sub or atleast why do they act like they are the majority?

I don't know what you mean by far-left but left-leaning folks ARE THE MAJORITY in this country. Look who won the popular vote in 2016. Rapebulicans cling to power by hook or crook. ie: Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering.

>Because of the dunce cap worthy anti hunting stuff going around there has been a huge rise in coyotes, foxes and other dangerous animals. "But but muh nature" well you take your nature argument and explain to a child that your ignorance is the reason her pet is now spread across the front yard.

Who is specifically making anti-hunting arguments? 1 or 2 randos on the internet sharing memes are not a representative population. Did you look into how representative that position is compared to the whole?

Can you also cite evidence of the "huge rise" of dangerous animals in Ohio? Not saying you are wrong but a source would be nice.

>I've seen them shaming someone for being against "sanctuary cities" and even told him to try to move somewhere else.

Because maybe this country through a variety of R and D admins over 50 years have turned much of a blind eye or even a :::wink-wink::: to our Patriots in Waiting coming to the US in search of work. Businesses use these people to drive down costs thus making the products you buy cheaper. And we then don't enforce the law for everyone.

So when a President comes in and has an official policy of separating kids from parents and starts deporting all kinds of people rather than just focusing on the worst of the worst like what Obama did (Veterans? yup! Folks with Cancer? Yup! Dude just working to put food on the table? Yup! Business owners who actually employed US workers? Yup!) folks get upset because the law is being selectively enforced and then want to protect these people.





Putting Food on Table for Family:

Business Owner:

It is like telling your kid not to eat candy for dinner but when he does you ignore it for 12 years and not deal with the issue. Then at age 13 you enforce the policy.

Edit: If you actually wanted to do something about immigration the correct solution is Open Borders. No, that doesn't also mean unenforced borders. There is a lot of nuance on it. Fortunately, a well-known comic artist has taken it up!: So if you are looking for a scientific and philosophical solution to immigration that book is expected to do the trick.

> even the a gigantic part of Ohio is country and farmers and even small towns with single shops who I can 100% guarantee you dont agree with those in the city to any degree.

I don't know where you get your facts from but based on the US Census Bureau data as reported out by Iowa State Ohio as of 2010 is about 78% Urban Hardly "gigantic".

>it shouldn't matter how they get here they should be allowed ~ya know until trump said he'll send them to their cities and suddenly it became a issue, "poverty for thee not for me" seems to be their true immigration opinion

Who specifically is saying this? 1 or 2 randos on the internet is not a representative population. This statement also carries an implication that Patriots in Waiting live in poverty. According to a report based on Census data roughly 60% live above poverty level and a little over a 1/3rd own their own homes.

I don't know what you were trying to get out of your post other than have an unsubstantiated hot take.

by DeterrenceWorks   2019-07-21

Pre-order it today