The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage Of Atheism

Author: Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
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by ohamid345   2019-08-24

>Is there any evidence? Is it only blind fate? Help a brother out .

What do you mean by evidence? Scientific evidence? Do you think a proposition is valid only if there is scientific evidence for it? Here is why it would be fallacious to say such a thing: Is It Only Rational to Believe in Something That Has Been Empirically Proven?.

That being said, see: The Divine Reality and Yaqeen Institute, as well as:

The Case for Allah’s Existence in the Quran and Sunnah

The Prophetic Truth: Proving Prophet Muhammad ﷺ's Prophethood

by ohamid345   2019-08-24

>What should I do?

Relax, I understand that your mind is spinning and you might be jittery, but being calm, collected, and rational is important here. Let's look at these one by one.

>and said that she doesn’t understand why God allows suffering in this world, and that she has many doubts.

>My younger brother also recently admitted to me that he doesn’t believe in God.

Read and share these articles with them:

Why Do People Suffer? God’s Existence & the Problem of Evil

The Case for Allah’s Existence in the Quran and Sunnah

>How can I convince them that Islam is the truth?

The above article regarding the existence of God could be enough, if it isn't see some of the others here: Resource List: Refuting Atheists.

Regarding convincing Islam is true, see:

The Prophetic Truth: Proving Prophet Muhammad ﷺ's Prophethood

I'd recommend you and the rest of your family (including your father) read the book, The Divine Reality and the material at Yaqeen Institute. Sometimes it is a matter of the heart which takes time.

Consider joining the Durkastan Discord Server: as well because there are some experts on there who are not on here who may be able to answer your questions much faster.

by humzak03   2019-08-24

For your case I recommend a great book. It’s called “the divine reality” by Hamza Tzortis. It selves into the philosophy of existence, purpose, and god, not only from an Islamic POV but from an atheist POV as well. It’s a very good read as well. Highly recommend reading it.

by ohamid345   2019-07-21

>when I see people on reddit or in general bashing Islam, I often don’t know how to counter it, and it causes me to doubt. I need a way to gain the proper knowledge and restore my faith in Allah and Islam.

I can see how that might happen. For one, I would recommend taking a break and focusing on learning, because you need to start somewhere. Start with the articles on Yaqeen Institute:

The Case for Allah’s Existence in the Quran and Sunnah

The Prophecies of the Prophet ﷺ: Proofs of Prophethood Series

Also consider checking out some of these books:

The Divine Reality

Islam and the Destiny of Man

Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

by Yosaerys   2019-07-21

>Of course. I try to keep an open mind and I appreciate all recommendations.

I can't stress this enough, read this book if you're able to and I hope it will benefit you the same way it did for me The Divine Reality

>The descriptions of Heaven and Hell

What's weird about this? Lots of religions have this concept?

>the special privilages of Muhammad

This special privileges are not as big a reward as you think, he also suffered far more than any Muslim. When the Prophet first began preaching the Meccan chiefs promised him gold, rule, women and whatsoever he so desires in return for him dropping Islam, he rejected their proposal.

The Prophet was soo poor that often times there was no food to eat in his house even though he was the leader of the Islamic community and could've made himself very rich had he willed. They aren't that much of a privilege really.

>the focus on how the disbelievers are dumb

You should try to understand the context, God is saying if one sees signs all around him and is blessed with mental faculties of reasoning yet still rejects the truth then such a person is spiritually dumb and blind.

>Abrogation also doesn't make much sense when you consider an omniscient deity - especially when the recitiation is abrogated, but the law is not.

I'm not sure you understand how abrogation works. The reports of abrogation via hadiths from companions of the Prophet and not the Prophet himself are not a good evidence, if you want to be taken seriously then focus on the Quran not the hadith, God promised to protect the Quran not the Hadith. I think you were referencing the hadith about ayat rajm by Umar (r.a)

>I also find it hard to believe that an all-powerful God would give the generally stronger gender the right to physically retailate against the generally weaker gender for "fearing disobedience".

It's not a physical retaliation, just discipline and its very unlikely to happen, if you read the verse you will see that God says to try doing 2 or 3 things before resorting to beating, and any harmful beating is forbidden in Islam.

I think this entire debate is nullified by the fact that the Prophet never beat any of his wives, Muslims are required to follow his example in everything so if any Muslims wants to be like the Prophet they will never beat their wives.

>But, I must also admit I find the ahadith the worse of the two

Don't even begin with the ahadith, they're not transmitted by God and I can't defend them all, they were reported by humans who can and do make mistakes, I can only defend the Quran which I belive to be the entirely preserved word of God with zero alteration or human input.

by ohamid345   2019-07-21

See: Mohamed Ghilan: Ep 23. Thinking of Converting to Islam?

Here is a book to check out: The Divine Reality

by ibrahimyd   2019-07-21



First ayah in Quran is Read

by ibrahimyd   2019-07-21

by ohamid345   2018-11-10

>I think women in islam are treated terribly like a 2nd life form. Ik they got rights they did not have at the time but some of it is degrading.

“We Used to Have No Regard for Women”: Gender Equity & the Advent of Islam

Its important to keep in mind here as well that you are presupposing secular liberalism and feminism here. Both of them are nonsense. See: The Muslim Skeptic

There is a difference between equality and equity. Islam maintains equity not equality (sameness). Equity vs Equality

>The prophet Mohammad pbuh didn't have all the rules apply to him.

Be specific here. If you are referring him (SAWS) having more wives than 4 this is because of a need for political reasons. I recommend listening to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's Seerah series here, as he goes into depth.

Also see:

Did The Prophet ﷺ Makeup Islam For His Own Benefit?

>Some of the things he did don't resemble acts of righteousness like when he had about 40 people called to be killed some were chosen just for ridiculing him.

I am not sure where you are getting that number. To say that they were "just" doing saying things trivializes what poetry was back in the Arabian peninsula. It is more akin to having several major news networks consistently smearing and lying about you and others. Islam does not maintain absolutist free speech, this is a good thing. More importantly, you are inserting what you think is righteous here. Where are you getting these standards from? Why are those standards good?

>I wanna believe my heart is open. I think islam is great in many ways like ramadan, zakat etc.

This is good. I recommend reading: The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage Of Atheism

by ohamid345   2018-11-10

I know the feeling you have. Before you do anything, make sure you are firm in your belief as a Muslim such that you can defend your positions. For starters, I recommend:

How to Rationally Find God? - Hamza Tzortzis

Proofs of Prophethood - Hamza Tzortzis

Also see: The Divine Reality and the material at Yaqeen Institute.

With respect to the other sub he has visited, see: From a same sex attracted Muslim and consider reaching out the author with respect to how to go about with your brothers situation.

I also recommend reaching out to Daniel Haqiqatjou, see his Facebook: with respect to parents and such. This is a tough situation. Make dua for your brother, insha'Allah you can get through this.