The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary Edition

Category: Computer Science
Author: Gerald M. Weinberg
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by vogelke   2020-05-19

The Psychology of Computer Programming

by Gerald M. Weinberg

Written in 1971, and still completely relevant. Topics include egoless programming, intelligence, psychological measurement, personality factors, motivation, training, social problems on large projects, problem-solving ability, programming language design, team formation, the programming environment, etc.

by destraynor   2018-08-13
Hey folks, Author of that post (but not the story contained in it) here.

Jerry Weinberg published that story in a book titled The Secrets of Consulting. It's a very good book though, going by the comments here, many of you won't like it (or have never consulted).

I published this piece ~7 years ago I'd say, it popped up today as Jerry died sadly a couple of days ago (a real loss, if this style of article isn't for you, you might enjoy The Psychology of Computer Programming[1]).

Anyways, just wanted to give context here amongst the criticisms.