RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide, Seventh Edition (Exams EX200 & EX300)

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by Ludakrit   2018-02-16

Here is your job; Spend the next 6 months or less learning this book and getting your RHCSA and RHCE. https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0071841962

After that get a job making 60k+. GL, HF.

by Ludakrit   2018-02-16

Learn Linux. Get this book https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0071841962

Get your RHCSA and RHCE. You can do this in under 6 months and have a job making 60k+.

by ArchivisX   2018-02-16

I finished my RHCSA with a perfect score using only one resource. While getting access to official Red Hat resources could be better, if you have to fund this yourself, this is the best option for the money. Michael Jang helped me pass my RHCSA on RHEL6 and then again on RHEL7, with the current exam getting a perfect score. All you need to do is follow what is in the book and you'll have no problems passing. Just do the labs thoroughly enough until you no longer need to reference any help material and you'll be fine.