Batman: The Black Mirror

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Author: Scott Snyder, Jock, Francesco Francavilla
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by Tigertemprr   2018-11-10

Introduction to Comics

How to Get Into Comic Books (13:40) | Patrick Willems

Consider your intent/commitment. Think about your favorite shows, movies, books, etc. Do you seek quality storytelling or encyclopedic superhero knowledge? Plan to collect? Do you have the time/money to read 50 or 500 comics per character?

Don’t try to read everything at once. There’s too much. Forget about catching up, continuity, universes, etc. for now. Think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle one small piece at a time until you finally start to see the big picture. Older comics can be an acquired taste for modern audiences, so they aren’t always ideal starting points. Creative teams change often, characters get re-worked, and origins are re-told.

Pick an interesting character/team and seek their most popular/acclaimed stories. Focus on self-contained/complete stories. You will encounter unexplained references/characters/events—just keep reading or Wiki. Don

by Tigertemprr   2018-03-19

Modern DC characters/teams:

DC also publishes varied-genre, creator-owned comics for “mature readers” under separate imprints (e.g. Vertigo):

Alternatively, you can skip to the recent Rebirth re-launch by reading the DC Universe: Rebirth event and then any Rebirth series #1. Check out the /r/DCcomics sidebar for more info.

Modern DC events/crossovers:


by Tigertemprr   2018-03-19

Looks like you're a Grant Morrison fan. Be forewarned: The Invisibles will be the weirdest story on that shelf.

Here are some recommendations based on your collection:

Grant Morrison

Rating Title Creative Team Publisher Description
90 Batman Grant Morrison & Kubert, Quitely, et al. DC superhero, family, psychological, references, epic
80 Batman: Arkham Asylum Grant Morrison & Dave McKean DC superhero, horror, surreal, mythos
80 Joe the Barbarian Grant Morrison & Sean Murphy DC-Vertigo fantasy, adventure, action, psychedelic
80 X-Men: New X-Men Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely Marvel superhero team, sci-fi, school, outcasts, genocide
75 Annihilator Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving Legendary sci-fi, metafiction, movie writer & cosmic rebel
75 Nameless Grant Morrison & Fairbairn, Burnham Image sci-fi, horror, surreal, psychological
70 Final Crisis Grant Morrison & J. G. Jones, et al. DC superhero, sci-fi, cosmic, psychological, references, event
70 Happy! Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson Image crime, dark, imaginary friend
- Doom Patrol Grant Morrison & Richard Case, et al. DC-Vertigo superhero, psychedelic, weird, psychological, experimental

Modern Marvel characters/teams:

Modern DC characters/teams:



Non-DC/Marvel superhero (imprints OK)

Rating Title Creative Team Publisher Description
95 Planetary Warren Ellis & John Cassaday DC-Wildstorm superhero deconstruction, sci-fi, archeology, metafiction
90 Saga of the Swamp Thing Alan Moore, et al. DC-Vertigo horror, fantasy, superhero
85 Books of Magic Gaiman, Reiber, Gross & Bolton, et al. DC-Vertigo fantasy, magic, superhero
85 Harbinger Joshua Dysart & Lewis Larosa Valiant superhero team, renegades
85 Invincible Robert Kirkman & Walker, Ryan Ottley Image superhero, aliens, action, drama, family
85 Quantum & Woody James Asmus, et al. Valiant superhero team, comedy
85 Sleeper Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips DC-Wildstorm superhero, spy, crime, noir
80 Bloodshot Swierczynski & Lozzi, et al. Valiant superhero, man/machine, conspiracy, action, violence
80 Superior Mark Millar & Leinil Yu Marvel-Icon superhero, kid with MS makes deal with space monkey
75 Boys, The Garth Ennis Dynamite superhero deconstruction, dark, shock value
75 Irredeemable Mark Waid & Peter Krause Boom! superhero becomes supervillain
75 The Maxx Sam Keith, et al. IDW psychological, horror, fantasy, dark, surreal, superhero
75 Sword, The Joshua Luna & Jonathan Luna Image superhero, fantasy, action, tragedy, mythos
75 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, et al. IDW (see title), action, comedy, sci-fi, superhero
75 X-O Manowar Venditti & Hairsine, et al. Valiant superhero, sci-fi, action, aliens
70 Cape, The Joe Hill, J. Ciaramella & Zach Howard IDW superhero becomes villain
- Archer & Armstong Fred Van Lente & Henry, Perez, et al. Valiant superhero, action, comedy, mythos
- Astro City Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson DC-Vertigo superhero
- Black Hammer Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston Dark Horse superhero, sci-fi, mystery, adventure, family, stranded
- Ex Machina Brian K. Vaughan & Tony Harris DC-Wildstorm superhero, politics, mystery, crime
- Incognito Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips Marvel-Icon ex-superhero, witness protection, crime noir, spy
- Kick-Ass Mark Millar & John Romita Jr. Marvel-Icon superhero, action, crime, dark
- Luthor Strode Justin Jordan & Tradd Moore Image horror, action, fighting, superhero
by Tigertemprr   2017-12-06



  • + like OP mentioned (horror, post-apocalypse, survival, zombie, dark, shocking, gothic)
  • - superhero

NOTE: Ratings = IRL reading group averages, subjective, rounded, in flux, and require 2+ opinions. " - " = unrated.

Rating Title Creative Team Publisher Description
95 Locke & Key Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez IDW horror, fantasy, drama, mansion, magic keys
90 Deadly Class Rick Remender & Craig, Loughridge Image drama, crime, thriller, assassin school, ongoing
90 East of West Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta Image sci-fi, western, post-apocalypse, factions, ongoing
90 Lazarus Greg Rucka & Michael Lark Image sci-fi, military, politics, factions, spy, war, ongoing
90 Y: The Last Man Brian K. Vaughan & Guerra, et al. DC-Vertigo sci-fi, post-apocalypse, drama, comedy
85 American Vampire Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque DC-Vertigo horror, vampires, epic
85 Hellblazer Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano, et al. DC-Vertigo horror, supernatural, magic, crime, adventure
85 Hellblazer: All His Engines Mike Carey & L. Manco DC-Vertigo horror, supernatural, magic, scheme
85 Hellboy Mike Mignola, et al. Dark Horse horror, fantasy, mystery, adventure, ongoing
85 Morning Glories Nick Spencer & Joe Eisma, et al. Image mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, school, occult, drama
85 Nailbiter Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson Image horror, crime, serial killer, supernatural
85 Preacher Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon DC-Vertigo supernatural, crime, drama, religion, dark comedy
85 Rachel Rising Terry Moore Abstract Studios horror, comedy, drama, supernatural, undead
80 Outcast Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta Image horror, supernatural, rural, ongoing
80 Sweet Tooth Jeff Lemire DC-Vertigo post-apocalypse, survival, drama, supernatural
80 Wytches Scott Snyder & Jock Image horror, family, supernatural, woods, ongoing
75 Alabaster: Wolves Caitlin Kiernan, Steve Lieber, et al. Dark Horse dark fantasy, horror, monster hunter
75 Fire and Stone DeConnick, Williamson, Tobin, et al. Dark Horse horror, sci-fi, Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, event
75 Hellblazer: Pandemonium J. Delano & Jock DC-Vertigo horror, middle-east, supernatural, magic
75 Nameless Grant Morrison & Fairbairn, Burnham Image sci-fi, horror, surreal, psychological
75 Revival Tim Seeley & Mike Norton, et al. Image horror, crime, family, resurrection, supernatural
75 Uzumaki Junji Ito Viz Media horror, spiral obsession, rural, manga
75 The Wake Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy DC-Vertigo sci-fi, underwater, horror, action
70 Bad Blood Jonathan Maberry & Tyler Crook Dark Horse horror, friends, college, vampires
70 Fatale Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips Image crime, noir, occult, Lovecraft
70 Ghosted Joshua Williamson & Sudsuka, Mrva Image horror, supernatural, paranormal heist, haunted house
70 Green River Killer Jeff Jensen & Jonathan Case Dark Horse crime, serial killer, historical, drama
70 Hack/Slash Tim Seeley & Emily Stone, et al. Image horror, comedy, supernatural, references
70 Neonomicon/Courtyard Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows Avatar Press horror, FBI murder investigation, Lovecraft
70 Providence Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows Avatar Press horror, mythos, occult, alternate New England, Lovecraft
70 Severed Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft & Attila Futaki Image horror, killer, 1910's
70 Sixth Gun Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt, Bill Crabtree Oni Press western, fantasy, adventure, supernatural
70 Sub-Mariner: The Depths Peter Milligan & Esad Ribic Marvel horror, underwater, submarine, superstition
70 Wraith Joe Hill & Charles Paul Wilson IDW horror, fantasy, dream, crime, deals, disappearing kids
65 Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird Caitlin Kiernan & D.W. Johnson Dark Horse horror, dark fantasy, monsters
65 Through the Woods Emily Carroll M.K. McElderry horror, dark, 5 stories
- Aliens: Dead Orbit James stokoe Dark Horse sci-fi, horror, Aliens, space station engineer, ongoing
- Aliens: Defiance Brian Wood & Tristan Jones Dark Horse sci-fi, horror, Aliens, colonial marine, ongoing
- B.P.R.D. Mike Mignola, et al. Dark Horse paranormal investigators, horror, fantasy, adventure
- Black Hole Charles Burns Pantheon horror, drama, teens, 70's Seattle, school, STD plague
- Black Monday Murders Jonathan Hickman & Tomm Coker Image crypto-noir, occult, magic, banking cartels, ongoing
- Girls Jonathan Luna & Joshua Luna Image sci-fi, aliens, rural, horror
- The Goddamned Jason Aaron & R. M. Guerra Image biblical, horror, adventure
- Gyo Junji Ito Viz Media horror, fish/machine monsters, manga
- Harrow County Cullen Bunn Dark Horse horror, woods, rural, ongoing
- iZombie Chris Roberson & Mike Aldred DC-Vertigo horror, drama, comedy, undead, identity from eating brain
- Life and Death Dan Abnett & Thies, Mutti, Moritat Dark Horse sci-fi, horror, Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, event
- Low Rick Remender & Greg Tochini Image sci-fi, underwater, post-apocalypse, ongoing
- Lucifer Mike Carey & Gross, Hampton DC-Vertigo mythos, religion, fantasy, epic, devil walks on earth
- Manifest Destiny Chris Dingess & Mathew Roberts Image horror, adventure, Lewis & Clark, drama, ongoing
- Monstress Majorie Liu & Sana Takeda Image fantasy, supernatural, matriarchal society, psychological, ongoing
- Stand Still Stay Silent Minna Sundberg Hiveworks post-apocalypse, survival, fantasy, drama

Batman Essentials

Also, if you like Gotham, then check out the comic that I wanted the TV show to be: