Modern Operating Systems (4th Edition)

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by ransom1538   2018-11-10
For those readers that are curious who Tannenbaum is, he wrote (the best IMHO) operating systems book [0]. This book contained the complete source of an operating system 'Minix'. At the same time Torvalds wanted to build a OS system. Did Torvalds use/steal or extend the Minix source? It is extremely controversial [1] amount CS types. [0] [1]

by acomjean   2018-11-10
For those that don't know.. Tannenbaum wrote the book on Operating Systems... Well a book. I think his OS Minix[2] is in there. Its on every intel CPU, but I think that was news to Tannenbaum.

This argument was at its root a "theory" vs. "getting it done" now argument. I think thats why it resonates.

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