Lovability: How to Build a Business That People Love and Be Happy Doing It

Category: Marketing & Sales
Author: Brian de Haaff


by peterlk   2018-01-07
I work for Aha![0]. I'm wary of trying to define the culture of one company in terms of another, so I'll just tell you about where I work, and you can decide.

We are a fully distributed team, and we build a lovable product. We published a book called Lovability[1] to help explain how we do it. We support each other, congratulate each other, and push hard to make it happen; these things require trust and talent in every part of the organization. I am a better person (and engineer) for having worked at this company.

Here are the pillars of our culture[2]:

    * Have purpose: You know what you are working towards. You are aware of what success is and guided back to the purpose if you wind up in the weeds.
    * Value work: You have the opportunity to achieve and to do something important. Doing great work is valued and recognized.
    * Teach hard: Direct feedback is given on a regular basis to help you improve your skills every day.
    * Grows talent: There is a framework for success, people are trained on it and given room to grow. There is trust that people will step into challenging roles as the organization needs them to. Promotions occur from within.
    * Honor reality: Neither time nor money is invested in manipulation. Work is guided by values and purpose.
    * Work it: Work sometimes requires great effort. However, it does not burn you out but instead keeps you going.

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[0] https://www.amazon.com/Lovability-Build-Business-People-Happ...

[2] https://blog.aha.io/signs-you-love-your-job/