Everything Is F*cked: A Book about Hope

Category: Happiness
Author: Mark Manson
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by Tangomajor   2019-11-17

Everything is fucked

by Criticalthinking346   2019-11-17

Actually everyone is motivated by their emotions, our logical brains are in fact not driving our consciousness. We just use it to justify our feelings and, for the more evolved mind, the logical brain can give direction but for many (males and females) it’s not that evolved and is mostly overruled by the feeling mind. I would suggest you read everything is fucked by Mark Manson.

by Criticalthinking346   2019-11-17

Nope because in fact all human traits vary from person to person no matter the gender. Let’s take “competitiveness” both men and women have varied levels of this trait. One man could display it at 35% and one women could display it at 90%. This is due to genetics and environment not gender. The same can be said for all human traits. So again no one can’t say “all women” or “all men” but one can in fact say all humans. For example all humans have some degree of narcissism, some only a low level while others to a great extent.

I don’t think you’re group is a cult. I know it is. I know this because of how the brain works and what motivates humans. Somewhere in your past a value (belief) you held that gave you hope failed you (we can assume it centered around women because of the type of cult you’re in). This left you feeling lost, isolated, alone, and without hope. The perfect storm to make one susceptible to joining a cult. This group came along and told you that x was the problem and if we just changed x and woke people up to our reality life would have hope again. This group also helped you feel like you belong. So now the man cult gives you hope/meaning. Unfortunately nothing I say is going to dissuade you otherwise because I am not dealing with your logical brain but instead your feeling one. The only way to changed your feeling brains mind is through you having your own experiences and a stranger on the internet doesn’t have that kind of power. I would suggest you read everything is fucked by Mark Mason for more information.

Lastly honey I follow quantum physics and Zen. My blinders were taken off long ago. I wish you the best on your continuous journey of growth.

by itzknockout   2019-11-17

Great book, Mark Manson actually came out with a new one as well thats really solid!

Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062888439/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZAwhDbP56N39X

by Criticalthinking346   2019-11-17

First, pain is a human constant, we suffer when we refuse to let go of our ideas of what the world should be, and not embrace the world we have. With the internet we’ve just gotten a broader view of the scope.

I would suggest reading everything is fucked by Mark Manson

Edited to explain: pain is extremely important. Everyone loves the good times because they bring us joy and meaning. However the hard times are just as important, they give us the opportunity for growth and wisdom. Without pain, there won’t be pleasure.