Hope and Help for Your Nerves

Category: Mental Health
Author: Claire Weekes
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by ConstantStain   2019-07-21

This book is very old but it has always helped me. I got it when I was your age. I highly recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/Hope-Help-Nerves-Claire-Weekes/dp/0451167228

by anon456456456   2019-07-21

Can you help her move out?

Ask if she wants to join Job Corps, they will provide everything for her (housing, food, etc.) and she will get money too. She can stay there 2 years. They have rules there but that environment is probably far better than living with Ns.

She could voluntarily check into the mental health system, although it usually causes the patients far more harm than good (especially if she freaks out if she feels like she is trapped there, which can happen to people who enter "voluntarily").


Some resources

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0451167228/ <-- Claire Weekes book for treating anxiety. Don't force her to read it though, it has to be her choice to get help.

https://youtu.be/EPfKc-TknWU - documentary on schizophrenia.

by GrrreatFrostedFlakes   2019-07-21

Did you happen to read this book? It’s the only anxiety book that truly helped me.


by GrrreatFrostedFlakes   2018-11-10

This book helped me. Took time, but it helped. Wish you the best.


by GrrreatFrostedFlakes   2018-11-10

I highly recommend you read this book. It helped me a lot. The language is someone out dated, but the message holds true. Also seek professional help if needed. Best of luck, friend.


by GrrreatFrostedFlakes   2018-11-10

The problem is that you’re actively fighting and trying to reconcile the thoughts and feelings you’re having. You’re focusing too much in them and giving them power over you. They’re just a thoughts, not who you are. I highly recommend this book. It’s older and the language is outdated, but it gave may valuable advice on accepting and “floating” past these types of thoughts. https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0451167228