Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Author: Allen Carr
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by wasabicupcakes   2018-11-10

It helped me. I bought this CD

I also bought this book

I still struggled but if I can do it, anybody can.

by PM-ME-Your-Passwords   2018-11-10

This is how I quit

by wasabicupcakes   2018-11-10

Its Hell. Not gonna lie but if I can quit, anybody can.

Read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking .

Any big library would have this.

by early_birdy   2018-11-10

May I suggest "Easy Way To Stop Smoking " by Allen Carr.

This book changed my life. I stopped smoking after 35 years AND have no cravings whatsoever (cigarettes actually stink now!)

I send the guy a silent thank you every morning.

by JayKayVay   2018-11-10

Firstly, acknowledge it's an addiction and only she can beat it.

Often talking about quitting can make addicts dig-in their heels, it's not conscious but the nature of addiction to preserve itself: anxiety over quitting means smoker reach for another cigarette - this was the whole basis for cigarette marketing in the 1980's! It's no good using scare-tactics to get smokers to quit, they know all the risks and they know first-hand what it's doing to their health because they feel the impact daily, they need support so they're empowered to quit.

I'm a strong advocate for Easyway - 90% success rate, and no willpower required.

I come from a family of addicts and I'm an ex-smoker - I smoked 20-30 per day for 11 years and hated smoking, I suffered multiple health problems, nothing I tried to quit worked (nicotine replacement from patches to inhalators including with a registered nurse supporting me, medication like Zyban, e-cigarettes, hypnosis, herbal cigarettes, cold-turkey, cutting down, and every tip including drinking orange juice while eating dark chocolate to put me off the taste of smoking or taking up crochet to keep my hands busy). I went to an Easyway clinic and I've not smoked for over a decade.

Get a copy of this book and just give it to her; no expectations and no pressure, let her read it in her own time.

by JayKayVay   2018-11-10

Or you could mind your business.

You know he's an addict and this is what happens with addicts, making him feel guilty isn't going to magically cue him of his addiction - actually it' more likely to see him return to his old ways, that's how addiction works! You're a grown up so you should know this, and he's a grown-up who's responsible for his own choices. I always recommend people look into Easyway to give to loved ones, but that's all you can do.

by Cody_801   2018-11-10

If you smoke and want to quit there is a really good book called the easy way by Allen Carr. Just read the reviews if you’re not convinced.

by rarepossibility   2018-11-10

The easy way to stop smoking - Allen Carr

I recommended this book to 2 people who recommended this to several more people and they all have completely quit smoking.

by saintcosmo   2018-11-10

I quit smoking cold turkey (didn't wind up trying vaping until now).

Two things that helped me tremendously:

Once you break down the mental aspects of habit and your mental framework for why you consumed nicotine in the first place, quitting and breaking the habits becomes much easier.

Good luck!

by hamishthedenizen   2018-11-10

Maybe not what you were asking for but my 2c, I think you should read this book - Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I smoked for about 20 years. A friend told me, "read the book, you'll think it's a POS, and that the guy is an ass, but you won't smoke again". He was right, 18 years and counting, without any cravings. I've suggested it to several others who've had the same experience. Nothing magical, it just reframes how you think about smoking.

The book is well known in the UK, less so here. About the author