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by mostoriginalusername   2021-12-10

I quit with Chantix, which makes the nicotine just not work, and so when I tried to smoke, it just tasted like shit and did nothing to me, so I would take a couple drags and then toss it. It does have side effects including horrible nightmares for some people though, and is only available through your doctor, but for me it was very helpful. For my wife it gave her horrible nightmares and she couldn't take it.

There is also a book by Allen Carr called the Easy Way to Stop Smoking which has helped a lot of people I know.

by erki   2021-12-10

YES! Congrats, so excited for you! I made this same decision 3 years ago (after smoking for ~10yrs), and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Just get through those first 3 weeks and you're home free. Haven't had a craving for years, and that voice inside my head constantly telling me I'm a fucking idiot for smoking has long since been silenced. I mean, it still tells me I'm a fucking idiot for a whole host of other reasons, but not for smoking!

You seem to have managed to quit all on your own willpower, which is something you should be very proud of. However, if you do find yourself faltering or like it's too hard, I cannot recommend Alan Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking enough. It is the only no bullshit method I've come across and it really really works.

Keep it up, you have no idea how good you're going to feel once you get over this!

Pro tip: Don't say "I can't smoke" or "I'm quitting", instead say "I don't smoke" and "I have quit.", especially when you're talking to yourself. If you say "I can't" you're telling yourself that you aren't allowed to do something. Which is something we're hard-wired to argue against. If, instead, you say "I don't", you are reinforcing the personality trait of someone who does not smoke. You are reminding yourself of who you are now — a non-smoker.

by shriphani   2021-09-24
The book that had an amazing impact on lots of friends who smoked is Easy Way by Allen Carr:

(No affiliation).

Friends report there are no lasting urges, no mental blocks, no inner demons etc. etc.

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by usrname_is_taken   2019-11-17

Not a question, but this could be worth a try:


helped a lot of people I know quit.

by JayKayVay   2019-11-17

Easyway -

It has a 90% success rate and doesn't require willpower, it's essentially a little bit like reverse brainwashing to help get you over the addiction. Seminars are best but the book on it's own (you can get it for a few dollars second-hand on Amazon) works just fine for most people. I sound a bit like a sales pitch but it saved my life and it was like magic.

I smoked heavily for 11 years and I hated smoking, it very seriously risked my life but the longest I managed to quit for was three [torturous] months - I tried drugs like Zyban, all the different NHR therapies both on my own and with one-to-one help of a nurse, hypnosis, e-cigarette, and every tip/trick going to cut down or go cold-turkey. I finally went to a seminar for Easyway and within a few hours I was a no-smoker, that was 10 years ago.

by AirFell85   2019-11-17

A lot of it is the pressure we put on ourselves to quit, and the fear that generates. I'm sure this whole thread makes you want to go out and smoke...

Anyways, I started smoking when I was 13, I quit when I was 32. It was actually pretty easy. Just can't make a bunch of noise about it, or bitch and moan.

by JayKayVay   2019-08-24

I highly recommend Easyway.

I smoked 20-30 a day for 11 years - I suffered health issues including a severe chest infection and multiple minor strokes so I had to quit.

I couldn't quit, I tried: NRT (patches, lozenges, inhalator, gum - both independently and with the help of a nurse), hypnosis, drugs like zyban and chantax, herbal cigarettes, e-cigarettes, I tried cold turkey with every tip/trick going including mouthwash that made smoking taste horrible and taking up crocheting to keep my hands busy...the longest I went was three months on NRT patches, and I was miserable the whole time.

Easyway was recommended to me so I bought the book secondhand off of Amazon for a few £'s, it didn't work. I should stress I have ADHD so I struggle to read, but I still could see how many others it helped and even bought copies to give to friends who quit. So I decided to go to an Easyway talk instead, more expensive but with a full money back guarantee, I was a little sceptical and when I walked out I thought 'I'm just going to end up buying a pack of smokes on the way home'...I didn't. I've not smoked for 11 years, I've never had withdrawal or any cravings either.

Easyway has a 90% success rate, no willpower needed. I highly recommend just checking out the book, hell just look at the book reviews!

by drtcxrch   2019-08-24

Yeah, no offense, but that would be a deal breaker for me as well, whether you intend to quit or not.

Also, pardon the unsolicited advice, but I was a heavy smoker for 12 years--the kind of person that everyone thought would never quit and I quit with ease with the help of this book and I haven't touched or even wanted a cigarette for 12 years now: There's not better time to quit than now. Smoking really is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of guys, sorry to be blunt.

by PetrRabbit   2019-08-24

On a serious note - if you haven't successfully quit yet, read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (start by reading the reviews), and instead of thinking "this project would go great with a smoke," you'll be thinking "fuck yeah, I tackled this project and didn't need a cigarette to enjoy it." I read it and quit cold turkey the day after without much struggle about 5 months ago, just a friendly tip.

by lisowczyk   2019-07-21

Read a book! It might sound crazy, but after that i completly lost my cravings for cigs. The Book title is: The easy way to stop smoking.

This one!


by the_blue_arrow_   2019-07-21

The book teaches a mental tool to resist food cravings and accept that some hunger pangs are ok. I agree, the cover's "as seen on tv" but the material works for me. It doesn't even reccomend a meal plan.

r/quitsmoking loves Allen Carr's book, it may too be junk science but it also attacks your relationship with nicotine and gives you a few mental tools to quit.

by [deleted]   2019-07-21

I have never smoked (and therefore this advice is potentially extremely annoying, sorry) but I have heard several youtubers say that they read this book and basically quit cold turkey afterwards.

Here is a video where she mentions it, she says it took a couple tries but she's not the first person I've heard talk about it. It's an old book so I'm sure it's not spon con lol ��

by scottmhat   2019-07-21

I read Allen Carr’s Easy way to quit smoking 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. Do yourself a favor and read this book!! Allen Carr’s easy way to quit smoking I saved $20,000 in the last 5 years!!

by Haplo_dk   2019-07-21

Read Allen Carrs book - it's an easy read and it'll help you quit - there's no extra thing you have to do, nothing to write down, no exercises or other annoying stuff, no apps or numbers to look at. Just read the book, do as it says, which basically boils down to: read this book and don't quit before you reach the end of the book - which might sound weird but it works. There's no magic tricks or scary pictures, statistics and what not. Allen basically talks to you about smoking and you'll recognize yourself in his descriptions of a smoker, and you'll realise how stupid it all is, and you'll quit. It's as easy as that. Give it a shot, for the price of ~ two packs, there's really nothing to loose:

by wasabicupcakes   2018-11-10

It helped me. I bought this CD

I also bought this book

I still struggled but if I can do it, anybody can.

by PM-ME-Your-Passwords   2018-11-10

This is how I quit

by wasabicupcakes   2018-11-10

Its Hell. Not gonna lie but if I can quit, anybody can.

Read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking .

Any big library would have this.

by early_birdy   2018-11-10

May I suggest "Easy Way To Stop Smoking " by Allen Carr.

This book changed my life. I stopped smoking after 35 years AND have no cravings whatsoever (cigarettes actually stink now!)

I send the guy a silent thank you every morning.

by JayKayVay   2018-11-10

Firstly, acknowledge it's an addiction and only she can beat it.

Often talking about quitting can make addicts dig-in their heels, it's not conscious but the nature of addiction to preserve itself: anxiety over quitting means smoker reach for another cigarette - this was the whole basis for cigarette marketing in the 1980's! It's no good using scare-tactics to get smokers to quit, they know all the risks and they know first-hand what it's doing to their health because they feel the impact daily, they need support so they're empowered to quit.

I'm a strong advocate for Easyway - 90% success rate, and no willpower required.

I come from a family of addicts and I'm an ex-smoker - I smoked 20-30 per day for 11 years and hated smoking, I suffered multiple health problems, nothing I tried to quit worked (nicotine replacement from patches to inhalators including with a registered nurse supporting me, medication like Zyban, e-cigarettes, hypnosis, herbal cigarettes, cold-turkey, cutting down, and every tip including drinking orange juice while eating dark chocolate to put me off the taste of smoking or taking up crochet to keep my hands busy). I went to an Easyway clinic and I've not smoked for over a decade.

Get a copy of this book and just give it to her; no expectations and no pressure, let her read it in her own time.

by JayKayVay   2018-11-10

Or you could mind your business.

You know he's an addict and this is what happens with addicts, making him feel guilty isn't going to magically cue him of his addiction - actually it' more likely to see him return to his old ways, that's how addiction works! You're a grown up so you should know this, and he's a grown-up who's responsible for his own choices. I always recommend people look into Easyway to give to loved ones, but that's all you can do.