How engineers create the world: Bill Hammack's public radio commentaries

Category: Engineering
Author: William S. Hammack
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by donatj   2018-03-12
Reminds me of this section[2] from "How Engineers Create the World" by Bill Hammack - an interesting but perhaps scattered read.

  Well, a pothole is not just a technological thing, 
  it's also a political entity. Usually we think of 
  European nations as steeped in governmental regulation, 
  and the United States as a free market, but actually
  the opposite occurs in building roads. In the United States 
  the government sets specifications and asks contractors 
  to meet them. Once done with the road they have no 
  more responsibility.
  Contrast this to France where the contractors must come 
  up with their own specifications and guarantee their work. 
  This means that if a pothole developers the contractor has 
  to fix it. But in the united States, once the job is done, 
  as long as it has met specifications, the contractor is no 
  longer liable.