The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)

Author: Karen Wynn Fonstad
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by rabbithasacat   2019-11-17

You are going to love delving deeper and deeper into this universe, I can already tell. My copy of that folding map is practically tear-stained, so I know exactly what you mean :-)

Can I make a recommendation? Now's a good time to get yourself a copy of Karen Wynn Fonstad's classic Atlas of Middle-earth. The maps in it aren't as artistically beautiful as the ones that come with the books, but omg the amount of information they contain is amazing. Seriously, you will find yourself getting a mug of cocoa and just sitting with it like a regular book. It comes in paperback and kindle versions and is absolutely indispensable. She is a wonderful scholar.

Also, not indispensable, but really enjoyable: the audiobooks for the Silmarillion and Children of Hurin. Martin Shaw is exactly the right choice for the Silmarillion. I don't recommend listening to it while driving because you'll go off the road. But put your headphones on and close your eyes... just great. And Children of Hurin is read by Christopher Lee, and my god it sounds like he's telling you the tale as someone who was there and witnessed it all firsthand. Magnificent casting choice. You can tell he's passionate about the material (in real life he carried Tolkien's work around with him).

When you get ready to read HoME, post back here! People love to keep up with readers encountering stuff for the first time. Welcome to the Straight Road!

by rabbithasacat   2019-11-17

It's cheap and widely available! Less than $20 on Amazon. (Beware not to accidentally buy David Day's Atlas of Tolkien, which is junk. In fact, if you're looking to get the most bang for your Tolkien book budget, just avoid anything with the name David Day on it. If you want the backstory on that, a search of this sub for his name will yield some entertaining redditage.)

(edit to add cautionary info)

by ElonTheFreemason   2019-11-17