The Wrench

Category: Contemporary
Author: Primo Levi


by emmelaich   2022-06-22
I immediately thought of Primo Levi's celebration of homo faber; you should make things. Not just read or write about them.

I wonder how many current politicians and bureaucrats work solely in the world of letters and laws. I think it would be telling.

The excerpt from Bernard Levin's review of The Wrench in The Times resonates:

> This is not a book for journalists. Civil servants, too, will feel uneasy while reading it, and as for lawyers, they will never sleep again. For it is about a man in his capacity as homo faber, a maker of things with his hands, and what has any of us ever made but words. I say it is 'about' the man who makes; truly, it is more a hymn of praise than a description, and not only because the toiler who is the hero of the book is a hero indeed - a figure, in his humanity, simplicity, worthy of inclusion in the catalogue of mythical giants alongside Hercules, Atlas, Gargantua and Orion. He is Faussone, a rigger'