On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Author: Timothy Snyder
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by two_wheeled   2019-11-17

Democratic reform needs to continue to be the corner stone of politicians we put in power moving forward. Sam's conversation with Timothy Snyder and Snyder's book On Tyranny have been really impact for me in how I approach the political world. The 20 rules he lays out, if more of us followed would create a strong resistance towards bad actors trying to take advantage of our political process. Things like defending institutions, pay for investigative journalism, speaking out and donating and participating to causes that matter to you.

by crunk_zig_ziglar   2019-11-17

On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder is also amazing because it gives you easy things you can do in your everyday life to fight tyranny.

by tianepteen   2018-03-19


this is a very good and concise starting point.

by JAFO_JAFO   2018-03-19

Yeah. I was meaning that he was choosing to only speak to the high level. If he speaks to detail, it will become a promise and people can then claim he doesn't have integrity. If you keep the language to the high level, the specifics of exactly what the promise is and what's delivered are unclear, and he can do ANYTHING and claim that he's achieving his promise.

MAGA is a great example - "great again" is specific to each person, and he's letting them define it and letting them think he knows exactly what that is, and what's required to achieve it.

NLP has two models that are pretty important. Milton model and Meta model. Milton is very abstract and high level, and Meta is specific and concrete. By keeping most of the promises abstract, it's hard to hold him to them.

There's more info here: but I'd suggest watching this: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Donald Trump's "Linguistic Kill Shots" and also Why the 'Dilbert' creator is supporting Donald Trump - note he doesn't support Trump, he's just analysing and opining on Trump's success.

My concern with using all these techniques to influence people unconsciously is very possibly not in their highest good (they didn't give conscious consent). I value democracy, and that means people consciously choosing what and how their government does. Also, many people have real concerns that the country may be going in a direction which will change the fabric of the republic.

by JAFO_JAFO   2017-08-19

I do recommend the book On Tyranny which traces a history of fascism in the 20th century, up to the present and has 20 lessons on what an individual can do to prevent that happening to our republic.

The author also wrote an article: Donald Trump and the New Dawn of Tyranny

by JAFO_JAFO   2017-08-19

> Perhaps the greatest contribution in Snyder’s clarifying and unnerving work is buried in its epilogue, and it shows the slippery intellectual path from freedom to tyranny. After the Cold War, he writes, we were enthralled by the politics of inevitability, the notion that history moved inexorably toward liberal democracy. So we lowered our defenses. Now, instead, we are careening toward the politics of eternity, in which a leader rewrites our past as “a vast misty courtyard of illegible monuments to national victimhood.” Inevitability was like a coma; eternity is like hypnosis.

> “The danger we now face is of a passage from the politics of inevitability to the politics of eternity, from a naive and flawed sort of democratic republic to a confused and cynical sort of fascist oligarchy,” Snyder concludes. “The path of least resistance leads directly from inevitability to eternity.”

> A possible detour from that path may be found in “On Tyranny,” a memorable work that is grounded in history yet imbued with the fierce urgency of what now.

A good book, and practical on what to do. Read it in a few hours. Available for under $10 at Amazon

edit: what to do

by JAFO_JAFO   2017-08-19

This is certainly a concern. There was a recent discussion

Restricting the travel and persecution of a political opponent certainly is in there. It's un-American.

by GodEmperor   2017-08-19


by joeyisdamanya   2017-08-19

Yes, that is the goal. It happened before, and it's happening again now. Check out On Tyranny