Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach

Author: Gerald M. Weinberg
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by valbaca   2020-08-14
Here are my three:

"Unwritten Laws of Engineering"

Originally meant for mechanical engineers, it provides specific and general non-technical career advice. It focuses on what we call “soft” skills today. This field puts so much weight into technical prowess that we often think of these “soft” skills as somehow beneath the “hard” skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t spend time on learning how to navigate your career, you’ll be as well off as a dragster on the backroads: you’ll get nowhere fast. I only wish I could have read this book sooner; it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble early on.

"Becoming a Technical Leader"

Don’t let the title fool you: this is not just for people planning on becoming a “Tech Lead.” It’s for anyone in the tech field, period. If you pickup this book you must work through the exercises to get the full effect. It will be worth it. It’ll be like having your own therapist, life coach, and mentor, except that it’s just you and a notebook answering very important questions.

"The Pragmatic Programmer"

I consider this book 10x better than Clean Code and Code Complete combined! (Though that may just be because I read PragProg first?) As the name suggests, this book provides more tactics advice but also gives great career advice too. The most famous is to “learn a new language each year.” This kind of advice seems a bit much, but over my career I’ve had to write in over a dozen different languages, even though 90% of the code I’ve written has been in just one language, the ability to pickup new languages quickly and easily is a solid skill to have. And that’s just one particular tip from this book.

(These are excerpts from my suggested reads blog post:

by totally   2020-07-10
+1 on Becoming a technical leader:

by macando   2019-12-27
A lot of eye-opening insights in: Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach

"It identifies which leadership skills are most effective in a technical environment and why technical people have characteristic trouble in making the transition to a leadership role. For anyone who is a leader, hopes to be one, or would like to avoid being one."

by hoorayimhelping   2019-07-12
Not sure what you mean exactly when you say "what you've described," but if it's the technical lead part, this book is phenomenal:

by philk10   2019-01-07
I've read and re-read Becoming a Technical Leader - An Organic Problem Solving Approach by Jerry Weinberg -