Basic German Vocabulary (Langenscheidt Reference)

Category: Humanities
Author: Heiko


by ginnungagap   2018-08-11
For me writing things down by myself is a huge part of the learning process (I take notes by hand in class even though I'm fluent enough with LaTeX to take them on my laptop directly) so I've never tried decks of flashcards made by other people, but you can find plenty of them for languages, divided by level or topic.

Personally I used Langenscheidt's Basic German Vocabulary¹, which contains the most common 4000 German words, further divided into the top 2000 and the 2001st-4000th and by topic, with example sentences for all of them. I made a card for each of the top 2000 words and included the example sentences in the cards as well.

[1] (I found a used copy sold online for about 10€, it can be a bit of a pain to get one)