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Author: Shindo L
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by ProgramTheWorld   2019-11-17


by darth_infamous   2019-11-17

If you really want it

by ProgramTheWorld   2019-11-17

Link to buy it on Amazon to support the author

by evr487   2019-08-24

by Better_MixMaster   2019-08-24

I actually could not find the back cover for it anywhere online. Not even on it's Amazon page.

by _asstronaut_   2019-08-24

I have one currently sitting in my bookshelf! Here's the link:

by flyingtacodog   2019-07-21

Twenty USD so you can buy it and never reread it

by Better_MixMaster   2019-07-21

I feel that I need to mention this. You can buy Emergence in Paperback on Amazon. The perfect gift for people you hate. Or to piss off your weeb friends. Also looks really good on a bookshelf.

by levoniust   2019-07-21

Incase you want to buy it.

by Ext-ra   2019-07-21


by bbbggghhh   2019-07-21

Do not forget to support the manga artist :D