Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#

Category: Programming
Author: Joe Hocking
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by jhocking   2018-11-10

Since you already know how to program, you should checkout my book Unity in Action . It's specifically designed for people who know programming but are new to developing games with Unity.

by jhocking   2018-11-10

> I am new to Unity, so just simple C# commands would be very helpful!

How familiar are you with programming? If you already know how to program but are new to Unity, you should checkout my book Unity in Action .

The chapter that introduces Unity's 2D functionality is literally a Memory card game. The rebus puzzle you want wouldn't be hard to add once you have the card matching worked out.

by jhocking   2018-11-10

What is your current level of skill? That makes a big difference. For example, for someone who already knows how to program I would recommend checking out my book , but if you need to learn programming then you would want to start elsewhere.