Algorithms (4th Edition)

Category: Programming
Author: Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Daniel Wayne
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by gjkood   2021-12-12
Have you tried some of the old "Graphics Gems" series books yet? [1], [2], [3] They are not CS fundamentals but will help you out with the necessary concepts, math and algorithms for graphics programming and ray-tracing.

As others have mentioned any books on Data Structures & Algorithms are a must. [4], [5], [6]

However in my opinion, trying to understand CS fundamentals without undergoing some sort of formal education is a chore. You won't know what you are missing. Going through an established approved syllabus will give you a fuller understanding. But that is only if you are interested in the long haul.

There are a number of MOOCs that may fit the bill allowing you to slowly gather the knowledge without sacrificing too much time and focus on a day job to keep you going. I feel they are also great value for money for what you get. Some of them are from very reputable names if that is important. [7][8].

Since you have a B.Sc you can do the Masters level but there are also Bachelors level courses. [9]










by hiyer   2021-11-17
Sedgewick's Algorithms [1] is pretty good. I found it way more approachable than CLRS. There's also a free course on Coursera[2] from him.



by marshray   2017-08-20
I learned from Sedgewick

However, it was a much earlier edition and all the examples are in Pascal. Having to mentally convert the code from 1-based arrays to 0-based like any decent language has been a major pain over the years.

This looks like a C version:

by wasd   2017-08-20
I've used Algorithms by S. Dasgupta, C.H. Papadimitriou, and U.V. Vazirani for the course they teach at Berkeley and didn't like it at all. I'm a pretty big fan of Algorithms by Sedgewick. There is a class on Cousera is also taught by Sedgewick and uses the book. The first half of the book follows a traditional data structures course and the second half a traditional algorithms course.

Some people might find it as a downside but the book was written with Java in mind. I personally didn't mind this at all.

by Turing_Machine   2017-08-20
If you're looking for algorithms with real code, Sedgewick is pretty good.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually seen this edition, which uses Java. My old edition uses C.

Disclaimer #2: I still look into my copies of Sedgewick and Knuth fairly regularly. CLR(S), not so much. Your mileage may vary.