Agile Estimating and Planning

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Author: Mike Cohn
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by Sean Chambers   2017-08-20

A very good place to start as far as books are concerned is User Stories Applied and Agile Estimation and Planning both by Mike Cohn. This have excellent examples and good starting points for anyone first coming to agile methodologies.

As far as website resources they are few and far between. Probably a good place to actually start would be searching for those keywords on Google Images as many people take photos of their burndown charts and User Stories. This helped me a lot when starting. Here are some samples: Burndown Chart, and User Stories

Please note however while a burndown chart is a simple report that you run on your current story points left in an iteration, User stories are more complex than that and do require a bit of reading to wrap your head around. Start with User Stories Applied book for that.

Hope that helps!

by anonymous   2017-08-20

As you probably read, user story can be estimated in either ideal days or story points. Both have their benefits. Ideal days are easier to understand for a new team, story points are serving the scrum purpose better.

Very good literature about agile estimation is written by Mike Cohn you can find there more information about ideal days vs user stories.

In any case, the team should estimate size of the user story as a team, not individually. I know that it is very tempting and team members would argue that, how the developer can estimate testing? Scrum Master has to emphasize that they are a team and they are responsible for the user story as a team. They need to listen to each other and collaborate and agree on estimate.

Once a user story is estimated by the team the team estimates its tasks. This is usually done in ideal hours. This estimation can be done by individuals, but you need to take into the consideration that according to the scrum theory you never know who will take the task, it does not have to be always the person who performs the task the best.

If your team is new in agile this will most likely take couple of sprint so that team understands and gets used to the new way of work.

by Carlos Villela   2017-08-20

I've recently been reading Agile Estimating and Planning, and can't recommend it enough.