The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends

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Author: Élora Éditions
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by kvetching   2020-12-25
Related to this; Check out the book The Revolutionary Phenotype.

"The Revolutionary Phenotype is a science book that brings us four billion years into the past, when the first living molecules showed up on Planet Earth. Unlike what was previously thought, we learn that DNA-based life did not emerge from random events in a primordial soup. Indeed, the first molecules of DNA were fabricated by a previous life form. By describing the fascinating events referred to as Phenotypic Revolutions, this book provides a dire warning to humanity: if humans continue to play with their own genes, we will be the next life form to fall to our own creation. "I am VERY impressed with this book—very important topic very well treated." - Robert Trivers"

fyi: I'm not the author

by vricius   2019-01-04
You must read the book "The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends" by J.F. Gariepy, PhD.. It outlines how genetic modification will eventually result in DNA being replaced completely with a new system if we continue down this path.

Watch this short clip where he explains in detail what the book is about:

by ericdykstra   2018-12-10
It's at least a little bit promising that the reaction to the CRISPR baby has been resoundingly negative. From the technical errors pointed out by scientists in this case, to the visceral reaction to the idea of "designer babies" to most regular citizens.

Of course, we have some short-sighted scientists who only care about their own work and not the long-term implications, like He himself and Church, but the actions and words of these two were roundly condemned.

Hopefully this buys us enough time to see the real long-term implications of starting a Phenotypic Revolution[1], and we can get some world-wide consensus to stop gene-editing in humans.