Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition

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Author: Frédéric Delavier
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by armians   2019-11-17

Haha, no worries!
I just checked that book online -it looks like a very good and informative resource! I'm sure if you went through the entire book and just sculpted every bone - muscle and tendon as a separate object - that would be an extremely awesome learning experience.

I personally mostly use Paul Richer's Artistic Anatomy - very simple and clear book, Bridgeman's books for the awesome style (but it's not the best thing to actually learn anatomy), Eliot Goldfinger - Human Anatomy for Artists - has very clear and simplified illustrations too, and Gottfried Bammes books are very awesome because he shows every muscle/tendon as some kind of mechanical part/box/cylinder or whatever which makes things very clear too (though they are in German and I have no idea if the texts are any good, I've never read a word! :D ), and a bunch of others.. BUT!! don't overthink it - I'm sure the one you have is already enough! x]
Oh.. and this one is very useful - :D
I can't draw myself at all too :D so I do these kind of things every once in a while -

and never even show them publicly :D I just try to quickly blockout every bone and muscle one by one, if it's in pose - I don't use symmetry for muscles - that way I get to practice 2 times in one go :D

And for anatomy learning, I would say sculpting is better because it's generally faster and more fun - and having fun is what will keep you motivated for longer (at least it's how it works with me :D ) But when you are actually making a model, not just a study, try do do actual clean retopology and stuff like that. For example, having a clean model/poly loops around an eyelid and lips will make it sooooo much easier to actually sculpt a clean looking face.

Anyway, good luck with the training! AND don't trust everything I say! :D I'm no master, no teacher and in a middle of learning everything myself :D

by Joonami   2019-11-17

Strength Training Anatomy might be a pretty inexpensive starting book for you. You can also check out the exercise databases on or - they're sorted by muscle group and have videos, illustrations, and explanations about what does what and what exercises can be substituted for others.

by Deadlift_007   2017-08-19

I think this is the one you're looking for.

Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition

Edit: Here's the post you were referring to, as well.

by brentthetrainer   2017-08-19

I've been a personal trainer for 4 years now and I can tell you that James is going to waste your time and money. Get on you tube and look up Dave Tate, and supertraining06. They have great tutorial videos. Also go by yourself a book called Strength Training Anatomy 3rd Edition by Frédéric Delavier and read it. Heres the link: Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition That should get you started. Feel free to PM me if you ever need anything.

by fork_that   2017-08-19

First stop should be /r/fitness top place.

It's not really literature but I found BioLayne's youtube series really helpful in helping me to progress my training. He also has a blog which is really good too. seems to be quite good as well.

Some on my reading list

Getting to ripped is literally just about really low body fat with some muscles.