World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

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by andrzejellis   2019-08-24

The other two are alive, yes. When we the players fought C'thun way back in Ahn'qiraj, we fought what amounted to the tip of a finger. When we defeated Yogg in Ulduar, we had the help of a half dozen Titanic Keepers, some of the most powerful beings the Titans left behind. Neither Old God is dead, and even if they were I don't know that it would significantly reduce their threat. After all, Y'shaarj has been dead for millennia and we spent a whole expansion fighting what was basically a few drops of his blood (the Sha in Pandaria).

Most of our Old God lore can be found centralized in Chronicle Volume 1. You could also check out Wowpedia if you want to get trapped for hours.

Most of what we know about the Old Gods happened many thousands of years before the events of the Warcraft games, so a lot of it comes from sources like these.

Edit: Swapped the WoWWiki link for a link to Wowpedia instead. After looking at both, it seems that WoWWiki is pretty out of date.

by MHmanastorm   2019-08-24

Chronicle Vol. 1 has a big section on the original Draenor, which is very similar to the AU Draenor seen in WoD.

by dizorkmage   2019-07-21

Gnomes are the least lore talked about race other than Goblins. Basically the Titans forged an army to fight the Old Gods on Azeroth to purify her because they were so enormous any attempt they made to remove the Old Gods also injured Azeroth. So they made an army much smaller like Odyn, Lokken, Tyrion and Mimiron (I'm sure there are more) who said fuck all this mess we will also make smaller things to do our work and Mimiron made dwarves and gnomes known as Earthen and something else for gnomes and both got the curse of flesh and then took on the names dwarves and gnomes and forgot their linage.

Dwarves went on to do a ton of shit, gnomes didnt do much of anything besides get their asses kicked by troggs and then one crazy fucker decided to gas every one.

I highly reccomend picking up:
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

by MechanicalCuff   2019-07-21

So I've played since 2005.

You'll out level most of the story nowadays. Its still playable if you want but won't really reward anything worth your time.

The game has different quests. The 60-80 level range hasn't been updated in 10 years so its a bit outdated. But once again you level so fast you only do like 1/3 the content.

I would just watch nobbel87 on youtube for lore or my recommendation is to read the wow chronicles books, they are easy to find on amazon, book stores or a unpaid digital copy. Tho they deserve the money.

It goes from the creation of the universe until recent events and its great.

Wow lost alot of its early game charm as the game grew and it became more casual.

That said there is content for casual, hardcore for both PVE and PVP. You'll find that in the end game tho at 120.

If you have any other questions just ask.

Edit: There are 3 books in this series so far.

by MotCots3009   2019-07-21

Nobbel87 as /u/Givingupnowv2 suggested is an excellent idea, especially since his videos often cover the most recent happenings of Warcraft lore as they transpire in the game.

SixGamers' Lore of the Cards series is also an excellent route to go down. Though Nobbel and SixGamers both have some outdated videos as lore has been retconned and changed over the years, they are still absolutely very entertaining to watch. I personally really like the Lore of the Cards episode for Rhonin. Seeing as the latest Hearthstone expansion is coming to Dalaran, looking at the story of one of its leaders makes sense!

If you really want the best, comprehensive, and up-to-date lore of Warcraft as a whole, I recommend you read through Volumes I, II, and III of the Warcraft Chronicles. From the creation of the universe to the end of the Cataclysm expansion, the World of Warcraft Chronicles covers and explains nearly all the lore throughout. It is not incredibly comprehensive, in that it doesn't include every single character or detail, but it is an excellent starting point and a great suggestion for anyone getting into the lore, as well as anyone who just loves the lore in general (as you might imagine I'm the latter).

And finally... if there's any lore you want to ask about, I'm more than happy to give you a rundown of it. I can try and be concise, or if you're interested in the "whole story" I can try and go all-out.

As an example, I recently explained to someone the significance of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor in Warcraft lore. And it was a blast.

But that definitely depends on whether you find reading about it in my own words fun and interesting.

Anyhow I hope this helps!

by egosumFidius   2017-08-19

The beginning is the novels is Warcraft: Archive (Day of Dragon, Lord of the Clans, Blood and Honor, The Last Guardian).

The base of Warcraft lore has become Chronicle .

by CaptBakardi   2017-08-19

Hey readers, if you like this, do yourself a favor and get the book that follows this beautiful picture:

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by Tobeatkingkoopa   2017-08-19

Warcraft Chronicles Volume1

This is a really good read. Starts pretty much form the beginning of time. Not sure how far it goes, but I know Volume 2 is coming out next year.