The Witch Hunter: Trials for Freedom

Category: Genre Fiction
Author: Troy Smith
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by RotenHahnBooks   2017-12-06

The Witch Hunter by Troy Smith definitely feels like there is a real world there, like events have happened before you read it and will continue to happen after. As far as content, it follows a variety of characters, with the Witch Hunter himself being a hunter of witches and other monsters.

by RotenHahnBooks   2017-12-06

I've yet to find a Science Fiction novel that was what I was looking for, but I have been very busy of late and therefore I've not had as much time as I would like to search for what I like. As far as fantasy, I would recommend "The Witch Hunter: Trials for Freedom." Witch Hunter is primarily about a man hired to kill monsters. I think it is the little things that make it special, and it feels different than the typical fantasy that is seemingly contrived from King Arthur or The Lord of the Rings.

by RotenHahnBooks   2017-12-06

If you're looking for dark fantasy and don't want one of the household names, I suggest The Witch Hunter by Troy Smith. Although, there are no dwarves or elves, but it does take place in a fantasy setting inspired by the Middle Ages or about that time.

As far as werewolves, I won't spoil how they are involved. It is also worth noting that this is apparently book one of an as of yet unfinished series.