Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science

Category: Mathematics
Author: Philip N. Klein
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About This Book

An engaging introduction to vectors and matrices and the algorithms that operate on them, intended for the student who knows how to program.

Mathematical concepts and computational problems are motivated by applications in computer science. The reader learns by doing, writing programs to implement the mathematical concepts and using them to carry out tasks and explore the applications.

Examples include: error-correcting codes, transformations in graphics, face detection, encryption and secret-sharing, integer factoring, removing perspective from an image, PageRank (Google's ranking algorithm), and cancer detection from cell features. A companion web site, provides data and support code.

Most of the assignments can be auto-graded online. Over two hundred illustrations, including a selection of relevant xkcd comics. Chapters: The Function, The Field, The Vector, The Vector Space, The Matrix, The Basis, Dimension, Gaussian Elimination, The Inner Product, Special Bases, The Singular Value Decomposition, The Eigenvector, The Linear Program


by rpeden   2019-05-31
There used to be a Coursera course called Coding the Matrix. It covered many linear algebra topics using Python. The course isn't available anymore on Coursera anymore, but you can still buy the textbook:

by nafizh   2019-01-31
If you want to learn linear algebra by coding in python, this is hands down the best book out there.

Coding the Matrix - Philip Klein [0]

It used to have a Coursera course, but I think it's been taken down. The website has videos of the course taught at Brown I think.

The associated website is:

by mindcrime   2018-08-17
If you haven't already studied Linear Algebra, and want to get a headstart on that, check out the "Coding The Matrix" book/videos from Brown.

Also, see the Gilbert Strang video series on Linear Algebra:

and the amazing 3blue1brown "Essence of Linear Algebra" series:

by jpamata   2018-01-07
Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science [0]

A hands on introduction to both Python and Linear Algebra using real world cases (ex. you are given a high res image, make a low res version to put on your website so that it could load more quickly).


by carlosgg   2017-08-19
Starts on Page 2 at the bottom and moves up. Half of this course was taught on Coursera in 2013.

Book on Amazon, Kindle version $3: