Where The Animals Go: Tracking Wildlife with Technology in 50 Maps and Graphics

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by Theodores   2018-01-28
If anyone else found that unsatisfying, here is a recent book that does a better job of telling the story of tracking animals:



More generally when it comes to tracking animals...

What I want to see is facial recognition for animals, so that some one-way hash resolves to a name, so anyone who pointed their phone at a particular bird would reliably get the name determined by the facial recognition hash, so it could be consistently a 'Trevor' for instance. Of course 'Trevor' could be tagged in photos in this bold new future of 'facial recognition for birds' so it might be possible to find him in lots of different social media posts with different people and in different locations.

By default 'Trevor' would have a shadow Facebook profile complete with shadow profile links to his other half, mum and the rest of the flock.

More seriously, I do wonder at applications for this alt-coin circus that has come along and whether a large database of every living creature on the planet could be magically possible using these magic blockchain technologies.

So, very much tongue in cheek, when it comes to implementing 'facial recognition for birds, hamsters and many tens of thousands of species', how would the 'ICO' work out?

I am sure this could all be easily done and coded up by next Friday by a teenager if it was based on blockchain technologies with coins being mined by adding new animals to the distributed database photographically. To lure ICO bitcoin-bores in this magic database would be super fast because it would be modelled on DNA and therefore compact, albeit forked on a per-species basis so fish coins could be traded for apex primate coins but not necessarily vice-versa. All of this blockchain could solve the hard problem of digital rights management, so if 'Trevor' appeared in the back of one of your selfie pictures then the micro-payment for that would pay out with 'Trevor' getting his share of Instagram likes.