Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

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by RedGreatApe   2018-02-16

hello, I am a bit late, but here is my copy/paste response, which in particular, will solve your first issue/question

> The price range.

you can checkout the game for absolutely free. here are some links for you. this is all you will need to play or run the game.

  • basic rules online for free.
    • or here in pdf format
  • plenty of free dice-roller apps on your mobile device of choice.
  • character builder including a 3-choice-option (race-class-name).
    • here you find the starter set character sheets in one pdf, and many other characters with progression from lv 1 to 10.
  • admitedly, the adventure part is the hardest to find:
    • create your own, there are guidelines in the free rules,
    • look for one online,
    • or (my recommendation) Matt Colville's Running the Game youtube playlist has a good starting one, just watch the first 4 videos (one hour total) and you are good to go for a good 2-4 hour session.

after this, if you ike the game, do get the starter set , I've heard nothing but good things about the adventure (I own it, but havaen't ran it yet). it is around 20bucks for a game that can give you countless hours of entertainment.

by KhrFreak   2018-02-16

There's a Guide .

It includes everything you need to get started:

A basic campaign,

some pre-made characters (you can make your own if you wish obviously),

a print copy of the basic rules and a set of dice.

Which is everything you need to get started on a budget. If you're willing to spend a little extra, or are just one of those people who likes to buy into their hobbies right off the hop, the next things you'll probably want to look into will be some more dice (sharing dice isn't nearly as exciting as having your own set), a copy of the players handbook , the monster manual , or the DM's Guide , in order of what i feel is most important. For most people i recommend the starts guide and the PHB personally.

by BrentNewhall   2018-02-16


Play D&D for Free

Download the free rules and a dice-rolling app for your phone. One of you will have to be the Dungeon Master (DM) who runs the game for the other players; have that DM read and run this adventure.

Play D&D for USD $17

Buy the Starter Set , which will include starter rules, several characters, dice, and an excellent starter adventure. This is an integrated set of materials, so it's easier to start with.

Hope this helps!

by lost-dragonist   2018-02-16

To get the obvious out of the way, there's the Dungeon & Dragons Starter Set . All the stuff you need to start playing and get people hooked for less than $15. That's characters, an adventure, dice, and pared down rules.

As a GURPS fan, I need to plug the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. It's a different take on the D&D style of game. $60 gets you a full game, dice, cardboard figures, an adventure, and some large fold-out maps for the adventure.

by gboehme3412   2018-02-16

No worries, we were all new at some point. I recommend getting the starter kit . It's got everything you need for 6 people to sit down and run a small campaign, plus it teaches everyone the rules as you go.

by MmmVomit   2018-02-16

> As much as I would like to be a player I think our best bet would be for me to DM, only I really don't know where to start.

Before you buy anything, make everyone read the basic rules.

Once everyone has at least glanced at that, start with The Starter Set .

If you're the DM, I recommend anointing one of the other players as Chief Cat Herder, and have him or her be in charge of organizing when and where to play. You will have your hands full preparing the adventure.

by Solkiller   2017-12-06

You can always buy a starter kit. If you aren't even sure if youd like it that's a good way to inexpensively do something that's well put together and user friendly.

Something like this

by Quietus87   2017-12-06

It's dirt cheap: http://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/0786965592

by MelissaJuice   2017-12-06

Here's the correct (cheaper/official) link. Don't know what's up with that other one. $15.


by cryrid   2017-12-06

I'd start with the free basic rules, available here in browser and pdf formats. You'll want to read through the Player's Basic Rules first since that contains the rules and player creation guidelines. The DM's Basic Rules contains monster stats and rules specifically for the DM to use to keep things balanced. You can also find the free System Reference Document, which contains even more class options, spells, and monster stats.

The $15 Starter Set is a great adventure for new DMs and players, and also contains a printed version of the basic rules.

If you know for sure you like the game, then you can buy the Player's Handbook (which contains the same rules, and even more options for creating characters). If you are the Dungeon Master then you may want to purchase the Monster Manual, and maybe the Dungeon Master's Guide.

The Dungeon Master's Guide (and the free DM's Basic Rules) will provide information on how to make sure the world is balanced for the player levels. There's quite a bit of math involved, so you may want to use a tool like Kobold Fight Club to help speed up the process. Also let the players know that they might stumble across very deadly monsters as they wander the land, and that its ok to flee or try non-combat approaches.