Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

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by WoodsWitch13   2019-11-17

Just buy the Starter Set. It’s got everything you need. A basic rundown of the rules, a single set of dice, five pre-generated characters, and an adventure for levels 1-5 with a ton of branches off the main quest. If she enjoys it then you’ll need the three core books: the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual.

The adventure is made for 4 or 5 characters, but 3 characters should do well enough, so you’ll need two other people to play at least.

Good luck! Hope you have fun!

[EDIT: You’ll want more dice too. And currently the Starter Set is REALLY CHEAP on Amazon: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/0786965592/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8UbdDbWQTT2T0 ]

by Fallenangel152   2019-11-17

No worries. Incidentally the Starter Set is a great product. Well worth it if you're a new GM.

by ChickenBaconPoutine   2019-11-17


Box contains all you need to play.

The adventure booklet, a light version of the rules, pre-generated character sheets, and a set of dice.

by Justin1n23   2019-11-17

Would I get the players handbook or this https://www.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Starter-Set-Roleplaying/dp/0786965592 ?

by highlandertr   2019-11-17


That one is the one I was thinking about. It come with pre made characters with options for homemade ones if you prefer. Great price for a starting point to see if you are into it as a group.

by infinitum3d   2019-11-17


I always suggest the Starter Set. It has ready to play rules and a great campaign and it's only like $13 USD.

Great game!

Welcome to D&D. ��

by Zaorish9   2019-08-24

Play d&d instead, its cheaper, much more freedom and literally infinite content: anything you can imagine.

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/0786965592/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_PwS2Cb49H93DX

by K1N6Z4K   2019-08-24

I got really addicted and bought the players handbook, monsters Manuel, and Dungeon master guide probably the first week of playing and read them like crazy. I’m not suggesting that everyone does that, it can hit the bank account pretty hard. There is a cheaper starter set;

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/0786965592/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NbY3CbSMMZSKH

It has the basic rules and a quick campaign to run with character sheets for a few people.

by GullibleCoffee   2019-08-24

Your biggest hurdle is going to be finding a DM. Everyone wants to be a player.

I would suggest picking up the Starter Set and taking a chance at DMing. You don't need to do voices, have elaborate set ups or be perfect. If you get a group of new players then it's a learning experience for everyone and that should help with any anxiety over not knowing what to do because everyone is new.

I'd be more than happy to help you get started. I even have an extra set of books (DM's Guide & Monster Manual) I'd be happy to lend you to get started.

by James_Jamerson   2019-07-21

Gonna do you a favor and drop this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-YZvLUXcR8&list=PLlUk42GiU2guNzWBzxn7hs8MaV7ELLCP_

While I encourage you to watch all of those videos, the first 4 should be sufficient to help get you going.

You mentioned running an official adventure. I'd highly recommend checking out the adventure The Lost Mine of Phandelver. It's part of the Starter Set for new players and new DMs. It costs about $13 on Amazon.


As far as tips/advice: You are going to make some mistakes; Its ok. We all do. Don't over-prepare but rather be willing to adapt when players do things you don't expect - which I promise you will happen. Most importantly, have fun!

by MelissaJuice   2019-07-21

This one.

by sockcman   2019-07-21


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by V2Blast   2019-07-21

The Starter Set is currently $10 on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Starter-Wizards-Team/dp/0786965592/

by MelissaJuice   2019-07-21

$40? The Starter Set goes for about $15 on Amazon. Is this what you saved up for?

As for edition, it matters quite a lot. I highly recommend 5th Edition. It's the best edition of D&D that's ever been made. The main subreddit for 5E - there are many - is r/dndnext.

by NOTADOG_AAHHH   2019-07-21

Okay. You really don’t need much. My Group of idiots had the DnD starter set, seen here. And that’s it. You can go onto DND BEYOND and make characters easily.

by Ryngard   2019-07-21

Not legally no. This sub is very non-piracy.

$20 should be pretty doable. Maybe have everyone chip in $4-5.

You can see what the cost is on www.dndbeyond.com/sources/lmop

But I think it's cheapest on Amazon ($16 + shipping or free if you have Prime): https://smile.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Starter-Wizards-Team/dp/0786965592/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=5e+starter+set&qid=1552308799&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Going to dinner or a movie is significantly more expensive.

by crow1170   2019-01-13

It's about to be Halloween, when campaigns get to their darkest moments. Season aside, much of the value of dramatic arts is the threat of darkness; Villains or Tragedy to overcome. As long as good guys win, it shouldn't get too dark.

Really, it all depends on what you consider dark. My campaign currently reads like the exploits of Samson, but if you prefer a more Noah-style adventure, consider the "Lost Mines of Phandelver " adventure.

This'll sound odd, but I have also enjoyed Tails of Equestria , which discourages combat and is utterly bloodless. The stakes can still feel high without even a touch of darkness; Rather than save the world or fight for your life, you'll be using diplomacy and tact to stay afloat.

by MelissaJuice   2019-01-13