INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

Category: Engineering
Author: Marty Cagan
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by fudgy   2022-06-05


by PaulHoule   2022-04-07
There are many books on the subject

There is a lot to say for having conversations with possible users, it helps to have some "visual aids" such as a low fidelity mockup, printed-out screenshots, etc.

My current "side project" is that I create "three-sided cards". These stand alone or can be put together to make constellations like$/XQ*42RXF-TLY:$B.8/

whenever I show people the cards and let people interact with them I learn something. The cards are so good at this I am thinking about making a psychological profiling tool based on them. (One thing I've learned is that HN users want to see a manifesto for the cards, but that's been slow coming.)