The Gnostic Gospels / Adam, Eve, and the Serpent / The Origins of Satan

Author: Elaine Pagels


by lkrubner   2019-07-07
Morality does not change over time. You are confusing power with morality. Please read Elaine Pagels and her history of the emergence of the Christians during late Roman times, she makes clear that one of the reasons why slaves flocked to Christianity is because the Christian church took a defiant stand against slave owners raping their slaves:

Where did such ideas come from? During the Roman period it was taken for granted that slave owners would sexually assault their slaves. And yet the slaves knew such behavior was immoral, and the slaves were ready to give their loyalty to the first movement that avowedly took a stand against the slave owners and their sexual practices.

We can and should denounce ancient figures against the immutable and unchanging facts of morality.

About this:

"we shouldn't be surprised when some historical figure who is usually praised for their positive accomplishments turns out to have very severe moral flaws"

I don't think anyone is surprised. Certainly, I am not surprised. I'm simply pointing out that Thomas Jefferson committed a grievous crime and he must be denounced for such a crime. As I said before, for the sheer horror of his immorality, I hope he is burning in the hottest rings of hell.