The Non-Designer's Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice

Category: Social Sciences
Author: Robin Williams
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by alexwolfe   2017-08-19
I learned this concept years ago in "The Non Designer's Design Book". It really gave a logical breakdown of Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity along with a number of other useful/important design techniques.

by jrwoodruff   2017-08-19
If you're interested in learning about some design concepts, I highly recommend reading The Non-Designers Design Book by Robin Williams:

It's a quick, easy read and the concepts can really apply to any kind of visual design. Any of her other titles are also excellent.

by jackkinsella   2017-08-19
Paying $10,000 for design work at early stage is lunacy. I solved the problem by:

1) Reading the first 100 pages of the Non-Designers Design Book (

2) Using CSS grid systems (e.g. Blueprint) and CSS abstractions (such as Compass) to ease the design process and minimize cross browser tomfoolery.

3) Visiting and browsing lists such as "best minimal designs" and then slicing and dicing parts from my favorite pages together.

End results:,

Your end result might not win any awards, but hey you'll have $10,000 more in the bank.