Atmosphæra Incognita

Category: United States
Author: Neal Stephenson
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by ShoddyDiscussion   2019-08-24

Also a novella coming out this year called Atmosphera Incognita

by jillesvangurp   2019-08-24

Yes it was a longish chapter in that book, which was a collection of several contributing authors. NS was an editor on the book. Interesting, but the rest of that book was a bit of a mixed bag IMHO.

I was wondering if there is new material included with the novella or if the chapter is just going to be republished as is. If so, it would end up being a bit on the short side. The list price for this on amazon is 22.50$ for the hard cover edition, which seems a bit excessive for what might be around 40-50 pages or so.

UPDATE. amazon specifies 104 pages. So that suggests some text may have been added or alternatively some art work or a big font.

by dipittydoop   2019-08-24

Atmosphera Incognita: