Kelly: More Than My Share of It All

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Author: Maggie Smith
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by mmaunder   2021-02-27
For more detail on how effective Skunkworks was, read Kelly Johnson's book. It was recommended to me by a buddy at JPL and it's a wonderful view into how they did things on time and below budget on projects like the SR71.

Not an affiliate link:

by akamaka   2019-03-31
The book you want is probably Kelly: More than My Share of It All. I haven’t read it myself but the reader reviews seem great.

by WalterBright   2018-11-02
That's a great read. There's also "Kelly":

by mercwear   2018-08-05
This article mentions Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. If you don't know who he is and care to learn more about one of the best engineers that ever lived (SR-71 is his work), check out his book:

His second in command at Lockheed, a man named Ben Rich also wrote a very good book: