Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

Category: Exercise & Fitness
Author: Michael Matthews
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by adamhowell   2019-04-29
What gets lifting to stick and become a habit will be different for everyone.

But what worked for me was Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews

It's an updated approach to Starting Strength. It builds a weekly routine around the core lifts of bench, incline bench, overhead press, squat, and deadlift.

And while he dives into some iffy science at times and the diet section is – while informative and eye opening to me in the beginning about how much I needed to change my diet – it's also extremely unrealistic, especially for a beginner.

But, if you keep those things in mind, it's a strong base to build a lifting habit around.

I've been lifting 5 times a week for a couple years now and, while I've since modified much of the book to fit my personal goals and approach, it helped me get somewhere from no previous lifting experience (other than aimlessly wandering around the Y in my teens and 20s).