Calculus, Vol. 1: One-Variable Calculus, with an Introduction to Linear Algebra

Category: Mathematics
Author: Tom M. Apostol
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by tzs   2017-08-19
The publishers will tell you that it is because it is a lot of work to produce new editions every couple of years to keep the textbook up to date.

I'm pretty sure they are lying, at least as far as that explaining the high prices. Here is why I believe this:

These are Apostol's excellent two volume undergraduate calculus textbook. Volume I is $231.25, and volume II is $189.49.

They were around $22 each when I bought my copies in 1977. I'm sure that NONE of the subsequent price increase is due to revisions and updates, because there have been no revisions or updates. Volume I is still the second edition (from 1967) and volume II is also still the second edition (from 1969). (There has been no need to revise or update them).

Based on inflation, these books should be about $80-90 per volume now (if we assume that $22 in 1977 was a reasonable price).

by tokenadult   2017-08-19
I think it would be enlightening if you could provide the textbooks you buy.

Interpreting that as a request to name the textbooks I find useful, I'll do that here.

Elementary mathematics:

Primary Mathematics


Miquon Math

Secondary mathematics:

The Gelfand Correspondence Program series


Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang


The Art of Problem Solving expanded series

When a student has those materials well in hand, it is time to work on AMC and Olympiad style problem solving,

and also the best calculus textbooks, such as those by Spivak or Apostol.

Elementary reading:

By far the best initial reading text is

Let's Read: A Linguistic Approach

but there are many other good reading series, including

Primary Phonics


Teach Your Child to Read in Ten Minutes a Day

(I devote more time than that to reading instruction, typically, because I use multiple materials)

and quite a few others. There is more junk than good stuff among elementary reading materials, alas.

by snowbird122   2017-08-19
Thanks for the recommendation. $154 new from Amazon and it was written in 1966. Killer reviews though. Thanks again.