The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

Author: Hal Elrod, Robert Kiyosaki
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by dustingetz   2019-04-09
Check out the book Miracle Morning
by zaidekul   2018-10-25
To your questions:

1) goals I don't accomplish typically either roll over to the next quarter once I diagnose what went wrong and assuming its a valid goal, or, if I decide to kill it, it goes onto a list of failed goals w/ the reason they failed. this is how I got the 3 flaws in the article (by doing mini postmortems on each failed goals)

2) Typically the first goal in a category is the most important. However, the goals are NOT prioritized overall (just intra category) so this is something I should think about - thanks for calling that out.

3) Upper limit = only anecdotal. 1,035 activities in a quarter is about 11-12 activities per day, and some are as small/quick as flossing, or 10mi of meditating. If I'm not at the theoretical upper limit, I certainly feel close (and its starting to adversely affect my binary goals based on the correlations). I don't know, it also depends on the magnitude of the recurring goals, i.e. a goal of "I will run 10 miles 5x/week" would take 8 hours of your week (pacing at 10min miles) so it also depends on the time required per recurring goal/activity. It would also depend on how demanding one's job is. I work full-time, but the hours are fairly flexible and I build/plan my own schedule so I can find some extra time if I'm behind on certain goals. I usually get up around 5/5:30am and have found mornings to be my most productive time which alleviates evening/night anxiety, vis-a-vis: